My new audiobook: The Psychology of Happiness

In collaboration with Audible and The Great Courses, I recently wrote and recorded The Psychology of Happiness. Across ten chapters, I answer questions like:

  • How do researchers define and measure happiness?
  • What is happiness good for? Does it just feel good, or does it bring about other positive outcomes?
  • What is the connection between happiness and physical health?
  • How can we spend money in a way that promotes happiness?
  • How can we make our relationships, hobbies, and work life more conducive to happiness?
  • What about related states, like optimism, gratitude, engagement, and meaning?
  • How can I make habits that encourage lasting happiness?
  • And why can this be so hard?

Working on this project, particularly during a global pandemic, was eye-opening. To me, it reinforced the idea that happiness strategies aren’t just useful when times are good. They can also help us manage stress, maintain our health and relationships, and enhance resilience in the face of challenge. And, I have to add, spending two days in a recording booth reading my own words for posterity was a new challenge that I found surprisingly fun.

I hope you enjoy The Psychology of Happiness!